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It’s easy for learners to learn the rudiments of watercolor but difficult to make apparent progress because it is a 

special category in the art of painting. I used to learn painting when I was a teenager but didn’t lay a solid foundation after 

practicing watercolor for a short period. 

Firstly, my horizon for creations was limited when I was young; watercolor is an art of conciseness and summarization, 

and it’s hard for a painter to make unique works if he or she has no certain experience. Secondly, professional watercolor 

paper and pigments from Europe were rare in China during the 1980s. As a result, it was impossible to paint beautiful 

features shown in watercolor paintings. Later, I started focusing on oil paintings and neglected the category for a long period. 


After dealing with Chinese art paper, brush pens, and ink painting for over one thousand years, Chinese painters seem to have 

a natural understanding and yearn for drawing paper and water. I started making watercolors three years ago. To my 

great surprise, I made some achievements at this age. The prints made by me during 2012 – 2013, will be shown 

in the exhibition as well. Although watercolor painting and print are paper-based paintings, due to the features of 

different media, the styles, and sentiments, it conveyed extremely diverse or even lead to the differences of 

themes and contents in the paintings.


The Nineth Space

Watercolor and ink on paper


The Carnival

Watercolor and ink on paper


It Is As Real As I Am

Watercolor and ink on paper


May I Love You

Watercolor and ink on paper

Bear Baby Team

Watercolor and ink on paper


Watercolor and ink on paper

The Nineth Space

Watercolor and ink on paper

Grassland Watching

Watercolor and ink on paper


White Horse Princess

Watercolor and ink on paper

Flower Fairy's Little Island

Watercolor and ink on paper

Whose Toy Bear

Watercolor and ink on paper

"For me, it is like living in fairy tales when I paint watercolors or create block prints."  

- Yangyang

For more information, visit u-gallery.cn/yang-yang-fairytale