• 11


    U Gallery | Shade of Silence

    Shade of Silence is an exhibition combining works of different artist including Chen Yu, Xu ChangYuan, Xie Yi, Cindy Ng Sio Leng, Gabriel Sanchez Viveros, Marianna Ignataki and many more.

  • 22


    U Gallery | All The Things I Like

    All The Things I Like is a group show combining works of different artist in a global scale including Carlos Sebastia, Christian Rothamann, Martin Wehmer, Liu Qing, Shin Hoyoon, Torsten Jurell, Chak Man Lei, and many more.

  • 21


    U Gallery | Wang Yawei Exhibition

    Wang Yawei is an artist with much broader horizon of artistic expressions, sometimes even a bit kinky, frivolous at the beginning, but in the last years becoming much deeper in thought and expression.

  • 30


    U Gallery | Hello Unknown

    ​Emmanuel García Ramírez is an artistic creator of Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (Fonca, México. 2010-2013).

  • 25


    U Gallery | Oxymoron Beauty

    In this exhibition, Wang Yuhua brings us some of her new works in 2018-2019, and some of the new changes are that the narrow female world is opened.

  • 24


    U Gallery | Poetry, Painting and Calligraphy

    Poetry, painting, and calligraphy are combining together, but somehow they are divided into three different themes in modern times. This time, the poetry, painting, and calligraphy exhibition of "Si Shi Ru Hua Jianxiong Shu" is trying to unify p

  • 29


    U Gallery | European Scenery

    Cai Guohua traveled around the world for sketching as a genuine traveling painter. Among those places, Europe was the favored location. Those world heritages, epic grand architectures, and streets & alleys with profound cultural deposits in Europe.

  • 21


    U Gallery | "Talented Group" Paperwork Exhibition

    A talented group of artists such as Yang Yuepu, Yan Ping, Sun Liang, Xu Lei, Liu Ye and Yangyang collaborated and exhibited their series of paperwork artwork.

  • 31


    U Gallery | Debris of Time

    Debris of Time exhibits 8 different local artists' artworks including Zhou Lu, Yang Yang, Shen Yu, Wang Shi Long, Wang Run Zhi, Wang Yu Hua, Jin Qi Feng and Huang Qi.

  • 02


    U Gallery | Yang Yang's Fairy Tale

    Yang Yang's Fairy Tale - Exhibition of Paper Works 2017

  • 24


    U Gallery | Landscape Watercolor Painting Exhibition

    In this Landscape Watercolor Painting Exhibition, artist, Liu Fenglan displayed her watercolor painting art through her visual and cultural experiences.