Our architectural creation originates from a type of intuitive response to the site. This intuitive response is based on a specific site, a segment of history, a scene of life, an atmosphere and even a simple synthetic intuitive response of sense and body feelings.


For us, the rationality of architecture is a process that sorts, selects, organizes the intuitive materials via logical tools as well as that converts abstract intuitions concretely. At beginning the intuition is obviously personalized as well as one-sided, which is based on an intuition of certain segment and even certain instant. It is not comprehensive, nor of the significance of being clearly logical and descriptive at the outset. By logical tools, this intuitive material is ultimately transformed into effective architectural practice.

The time from that before formation to formation to completion to use of architecture is a dynamic process in the dimensionality of time whereas timeliness is an attribute that architecture cannot transcend.  The profession of architects is precisely the job that masters the link of ‘manifestation’ in the overall context of architecture. The representation of architecture is generally resultant from multiple strengths. The possibility of a certain strain rendered among such various strengths, which is deemed valuable by us. We consider the transformation of such strain is more meaningful than its falling into silence.


We believe the construction process is an essential part of architectural creation. From the selection of materials to the adjustment of details, to possible design adjustment in accordance with the actual experiences on site, all are indispensable parts of  our practice

Urbantect Architecture was founded by Ji Yuji in Sydney and Beijing in 2010. Ji graduated from The University of Sydney with a master’s degree in architecture with all distinction. The projects directed and participated by Ji Yuji have received multiple awards internationally. His major works include the scheme of Zhengzhou Citizens’ Activity Center, projects such as Banan Sports Hall in Chongqing and the stadium reconstruction, National Maritime Museum of China that he participates in as the chief architectural consultant in China. The team of UrbanTect is composed of architects of various cultural backgrounds with abundant experience and creativity.UrbanTect devotes itself to the exploration of cutting-edge and diversified architectural practices and encourages the creative thinking of its team members.