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"Paradox" is the "oxymoron" that Wang Yuhua tries to convey to us in the women she wants to portray beauty), 

every part of their body is carefully dyed with mineral color: the face covered with internet gauze, the 

naked gray back, the arm with flowers, the shape of a crying heart, and the foil on the face or the color skirt.

Please do not understand it as a wound, but rather as a classical makeup or opera face, the face is similar, 

but the face is never old, although The vicissitudes come as promised, once you are obsessed with her color, love 

comes naturally. Paradoxically, this is a play directed by Yuhua herself, but maybe they just show it to 

themselves. They are obsessed with their existence, their changes, even their rejection, refusing to be 

watched by the hurt.


In the new work of the UGallery exhibition, the image of the cat and dog began to replace the characters. It seems 

that people have become pets. Rather, the mysterious pet exposes the beauty's mind. It is mottled, mottled, naked, 

and lustless. Neutrality is a kind of artist's conscious "intersexuality" state. The important thing is that the painting 

shapes the body's organs with the inner cry and the infatuation of illusory beauty every organ needs to get the 

love of gaze and appear in the caress. Paradoxically, these beautiful bodies, which are still in assembly, in transition 

and preparation, are about to come to the world, waiting for a touch of the hand of love, but the beauty is always separated 

from the clouds, although she is just in front of her, just like her, always wearing a mask, cold or aloof.

In this exhibition, Yuhua brings us some of her new works in 2018-2019, and some of the new changes are that the narrow 

female world is opened. They only partially show, for example, only show a beautiful leg, or a gorgeous foot, local sexuality 

is always the source of temptation, or two pairs of high-heeled shoes ready to enter the exhibition, with sharp offense or beauty, 

the abstract plaid male space, which had been intruded by the sharp corners of their women's high heels, was already shivering.












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