U Project | China National Maritime Museum Is Under Construction

2017-09-06 12:10:00

     China National Maritime Museum was officially commenced in Binhai New Area, Tianjin in October 2014, and UrbanTect was one of the designers. The main structure of the museum has been completed after more than two years of construction. And the external façade curtain wall installation and interior decorations are being conducted simultaneously.

▲The appearance of the museum has been shaped and the main structure has been completed

▲The construction site of scaffolding bristles

▲A Portion of Architectural Surface Completely Installed

▲Part of the architectural surface has been installed

▲A Portion of Glass Curtain Wall Completely Installed

▲Architectural Surface Material – Curved Glass

▲Architectural Surface Material – Perforated Aluminum Plate

▲Architectural details

▲Simultaneous Interior Decoration and External Façade Installation

▲Overlooking of the Marine Museum

      The construction speed of China National Maritime Museum was fast and the construction quality was guaranteed. Most construction has been completed so far, and the final external façade installation and interior installation are under progress. Let’s expect the maritime museum with high-level design and high-degree completion. 


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