U Gallery | "Talk about Painting" — Forum on Liu Fenglan’s Paintings Held at 798 U Gallery

2017-07-11 11:32:00

      By availing of the exhibition of Professor Liu Fenglan’s watercolor paintings, U Gallery invited Professors Liu Fenglan and Jin Weijun to attend the forum. Professor Liu shared many of her experience in painting creation and her understanding on watercolor paintings. The interview was composed of three parts: discussions made by Mr. Ji Yuji and Professor Liu on watercolor paintings, discussions made by Mr. Ji Yuji, Professor Liu and Professor Jin on watercolor painting skills, and discussions and analysis made by Professor Liu and Professor Jin on Liu’s paintings. 

Time: 14:00 – 18:00, July 11th, 2017
Venue: U Gallery, 2nd Ceramics Street, 798 ArtDist

▲Liu Fenglan
Professor at the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Member of China Artists Association
Member of Beijing Artists Association
Former Council Member of Beijing Watercolor Society

▲ Jin Weijun
President of the First Design Institute of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.
Deputy Secretary General of Architectural Photographing Committee of Architectural Society of China

▲Professor Liu Fenglan Discusses with Professor Jin Weijun, Mr. Eugene Ji and Ms. Huo Li 

      Nowadays more and more architectures create watercolor paintings during their spare time and take it as their pleasure. Architects usually focus on details, while artists usually focus on the expression of artistic conceptions and feelings. As a result, Professors Liu and Jin discusses the differences of artists and architects in painting creation from the perspectives of artists and architects and provided relevant suggestions on “skills” and “colors” in painting creation for architects.

▲Professor Liu Fenglan Appreciates Paintings and Shares Experiences with Others

     During the forum, the two professors discussed and analyzed some of Professor Liu’s works and made detailed elaborations from the aspects such as painting skills, content presentation, mode of composition and implied meanings.

▲On-site Appreciation and Evaluation

▲Participants Discuss Paint Layouts

▲ Professor Jin Weijun Appreciates Paintings and Share Views with Professor Liu Fenglan

▲ Group Photo of Professor Liu Fenglan with Other Guests

Please click on the linkage below for the highlights of the forum: 

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