U Gallery | " Follow Your Heart "— Exhibition of Liu Fenglan’s Landscape Watercolor Painti

2017-06-24 17:18:00

      The exhibition of Liu Fenglan’s landscape watercolor paintings, with  " Follow Your Heart " as its theme, opened in Beijing-based 798 ArtDist at 2:30 p.m. on June 24th, 2017 (Saturday). Ms. Liu Fenglan came to the venue to tell us the story behind each of her works and her many years of experience in watercolor painting creation. More than 40 high-quality watercolor paintings, created by Professor Liu Fenglan, were exhibited.

Liu Fenglan

Professor at the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Member of China Artists Association
Member of Beijing Artists Association
Former Council Member of Beijing Watercolor Society

      Born in Beijing in 1944, Liu Fenglan successively studied at the affiliated middle school of Beijing Academy of Art and that of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1964. She was recruited by the Department of Fine Arts of Capital Normal University and graduated in 1968. She acted as the director of the Fine Arts Research Institute for the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University from 1984 to 2007. In addition, she used to work as the vice director of Architectural Fine Arts Committee for National Higher Education. She started creating oil paintings in 1972, and her works have been exhibited in the Painted Boat Studio and National Art Museum of China. She has engaged in the artistic creation of watercolor paintings since 1980. 

      One of her works, Riverside Zhouzhuang, was awarded Gillette Award (Silver Award) of the 4th International Modeling Art Show held in Nice, France in 1992. Her work, Spring Snow in Beijing, was awarded the second prize on the “Beauty in Beijing” Exhibition in 1993, and Furong Town, was awarded the third prize of Beijing International Art Expo in 1998. She has successively held personal exhibitions of watercolor paintings in Tsinghua University, Southeast University, China World Trade Center, Qingdao Painting Academy, Beijing Rong Bao Zhai, and 798 ArtDist. In addition, she has published the books such as the Art Book of Watercolor Paintings by Liu Fenglan (1993 edition), Sketches and Creation of Landscape Watercolor Sketches by Liu Fenglan (2006 edition) and Art Book of Watercolor Paintings by Liu Fenglan (2011 edition), and many of her works have been recorded in various fine art books. 


▲Opening Scene of  " Follow Your Heart - Liu Fenglan’s landscape watercolor painting Exhibition"

▲Liu Fenglan, Professor of Tsinghua University, in front of her paintings

▲ Mr. Eugene Ji, curator of the U gallery,Delivers an Opening Speech 

▲Co-organizer of the exhibition, Ms. Jia Dongdong, General Manager of Hongshi Art, addressed the opening ceremony

▲Professor Liu Fenglan Shares Her Creation Experience with Guests and Participants

▲The Charm of Works Made by Professor Liu Fenglan

▲Group Photo of Liu Fenglan and Her Husband with the Organizers


▲ 《Furong Town》,54 cm X39 cm

Furong Town, was invited by the Second Invitational Exhibition of Works of Contemporary International Watercolor Masters held in Jiangsu in 2011 and was awarded the third prize of Beijing International Art Expo in 1998.

▲ 《Cliff dwellings in the rain》,67 cm X 53 cm

▲ 《Early spring in Bell Tower》,66 cm X 51 cm

▲ 《Early spring in Wannan》,70 cm X 54 cm

▲ 《brich forest》,75 cm X 56 cm

▲ 《Old White Tower Street》,60 cm X 59 cm


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