Urban Design of Hainan Shangen Town









The project is located at the north core of Wanning City, Six Ridge Area. The total site area is about 890ha.The site has significantly preponderance on geographical location since it is bordered by Haikou to the north, Sanya to the south, South China Sea to the east, and is adjacent to Wanning city government. At the same time, it is approximately 11km from the site to Boao Airport.

The project's layout acts according to circumstances and separated into five functional blocks through rationally organizing the mountain slope and regional water system. These five blocks are: Agriculture Demonstration Zone, Commercial and Leisure Zone, Health and Resorts Zone, Health and Recuperate Zone, and Cultural Experience Zone. There is a main loop road which combine the various functional blocks together.

On east side, the commercial street along water and next to entrance is regarded as the main axis of Agriculture Demonstration Zone and Commercial and Leisure Zone, allowing visitors not only to experience organic agriculture bit also to visit the manufactured goods of interests. Hence, the "One Axis & Two Wings" of structural layout has formed. The main axis could activate the vigor and vitality of organic agriculture and related industries. Meanwhile Inhabitants Village and Auto Camps located at the commercial streets' east side undoubtedly offer visitors a natural area. The river along the commercial street is not only a part of the main axis, but also a vital circulation for recreational area, which connecting the distributed SPA health center, water park, children's playground and other functional areas together.

Arranged the Health & Resorts Zone and Health & Recuperate Zone at the west part based on their requirements for good traffic conditions and landscape resources. Both land transport and water transport could be reached in these area. Set the core area on the peak of mountain according to its topographical features; plan the vehicles rationally according to geomorphological features; furnish the landscape axis at flat areas of the valley to improve the quality of living. The fabric of buildings along the river offers pleasant temperatures and humidity, as well as the whole sight of river's scenery.

Cultural Experience Zone is in a independent and closed area which provide a place for mind inhabiting.

The project choose natural landscape, ecological pastoral, cultural characteristics to be the matrix; integrate leisure, vacation, health, pension, sightseeing, conferences and other functions in one. Aiming at creating tourism landmarks full of international appeal and sustainable developments with the healthy tourism and leisure goal.


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