Hengqin South Reclamation Area Project Concept Plan






Zhuhai PRC



As Cox China Affiliate, UrbanTect worked with Cox Group to complete Hengqin South Reclamation Area Project Concept Plan. The site locates at the edge of Zhuhai but close to Macau, the Islands will not only become home for Zhuhai residents but also be an international destination for business, health and technology. It will be a world class place to live.


The site lies in the Pearl River Delta south of a narrow coastal strip and a line of mountains to the north. The water is relatively shallow through the northern half of the Development Zone where the water quality is impacted by the sediments from the Pearl River.


The Structure Plan establishes the key principles of the development while drawing out the identity, character and sense of place created. The Plan is underpinned by a series of clear initiatives  

- Inside a new ring of seawalls, a protected lagoon allows flexibility to develop a variety of water interfaces.

- Maximize development sites near, on or with views of the water to increase values and economic.

- While part of a unified development, individual islands are an opportunity to create different identities, different environments and distinct landscape experiences.

- Each group of islands has a shared town centre. Each town centre lies on the waterfront and has a different and unique identity.

- Locating the highest densities on the first island minimizes the infrastructure needed on outer islands.

- Iconic element at the end of the CBD axis will be a major tourist attraction.

- The seawalls are organized in a strong geometric pattern from a common set out point. Islands are stepped to create openings protected from the prevailing swell and the soil and sediment being carried into the delta from the Pearl River.

- The Ocean Road is located along a constant radius linking all the islands. The water’s edge varies in distance from the road as the Islands step.

- The road and buffer dune forms along the Ocean Road moderate the internal island microclimates and protect development from wind and waves. A line of parks will be created along the outer edge.

- Water transport will be an important mode of public transport between islands, the CBD and other points in Zhuhai.


A range of special uses and attractions have been considered for inclusion on the Islands, such as: CBD, Technology Precinct, CBD Residential, Health Island, Residential Quays, and Resort Island.




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