Guizhou Shawen Ecological Tech Industrial Park Urban Design




PARTNER China International Engineering Consulting Corporation


Guiyang, PRC



The target of the project is to design a industrial park with mixed-use facilities which meet the demands of middle/small companies of emerging industries. The guideline of the design is to solve the unsustainable development issue of the traditional industrial park.

The grid road network allows the adaptability to the future park development, pedestrian flow increment, and building function adjustment.

The industrial park should a comprehensive district where the industrial spaces, retail and service amenities, green spaces and open spaces, comprehensive community amenities, etc. emerge in succession, and gradually develop, as to pay attention to both the industrial development and the self-sufficient"" regional cultural elements, as well as provide sufficient internal exchange spaces.

The basic modules of the park are high-rise office, R&D, retail, residential, etc. Public supporting buildings on the periphery, and typical workshop clusters in the middle. According to the sizes of companies to settle here, 1 cluster can be composed of 1 or more individual companies, with its own access on the road.

Building(s) in each module can be in different functional types, as to fit for the demands of future development, and reduce the reconstruction cost and time during economic transition. Moreover, in future, it encourage the growth of spontaneous formed several mixed-use individual buildings, as to realize the development process from simplification to diversification of functions of the industrial park.


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